23rd Multidisciplinary Management of Cancers

23rd Multidisciplinary Management of Cancers:


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Friday, March 10, 2023 

7:30amRegistration and Continental BreakfastChristian Brothers Room
8:25Welcome and Opening Remarks Silverado Ballroom
8:30Breast Cancer Tumor Board CasesHelen Chew, MD, UC Davis
Ashley Trane, UC Davis
Frederick Dirbas, MD, Stanford University
Jennifer Caswell-Jin, MD, Stanford University
Jo Chien, MD, UC San Francisco
Kathleen Horst, MD, Stanford University
Laura Huppert, MD, UC San Francisco
Lisa Singer, MD, UC San Francisco
Milana Dolezal, Stanford Healthcare
Mili Arora, MD, UC Davis
Richard J. Bold, MD, UC Davis
11:00Hematologic Malignancies Tumor Board CasesGabriel Mannis, MD, Stanford University
Colin Bergstrom, MD, Stanford University
Bita Fakhri, MD, Stanford University
Michael Green, MD, The Permanente Medical Group
Jarrod Holmes, MD, Providence Medical Group
David Iberri, MD, Stanford University
Brian Jonas, MD, UC Davis
Tom Martin, UC San Francisco
William Shomali, Stanford University
1:30Developmental Therapeutics
Rahul Aggarwal, MD, UC San Francisco
Alexandra Haugh, MD, UC San Francisco
Bridget Keenan, MD, UC San Francisco
Saad Khan, MD, Stanford University
Tianhong Li, MD, PhD, UC Davis
Thach-Giao Truong, MD, TPMG
Rashmi Verma, MD, UC Davis
3:30Gynecologic Oncology Board Cases Hui Amy Chen, MD, UC Davis
Alice Barr, UC Davis
Lee-may Chen, UC San Francisco
Milana Dolezal, MD, Stanford Healthcare
Oliver Dorigo, MD, Stanford University
Juraj Kavecansky, TPMG
Babak Litkouhi, MD, Stanford University
Emi Yoshida, MD, UC San Francisco
Jason Zhao, MD, UC Davis
5:00-6:30pmWelcome Reception 

Saturday, March 11, 2023

8:00amContinental BreakfastFairway Deck & Royal Oak
8:25Welcome and Opening RemarksSilverado Ballroom
8:30Thoracic Cancer Tumor Board Cases Millie Das, MD, Stanford University
Thomas Sun, MD, Stanford University
Ian Anderson, MD, Providence Medical Group
Lisa Brown, MD, UCDavis
Melissa Coleman, MD, UC San Francisco
Megan Daly, MD, UC Davis
David Gandara, MD, UC Davis
Matthew Gubens, MD, UC San Francisco
Jonathan Riess, MD, UC Davis
Mohana Roy, MD, Stanford University
J. Marie Suga, MD, TPMG
Lucas Vitzthum, MD, Stanford University
Sue Yom, MD, UC San Francisco
11:00Lymphoma Tumor Board Cases Joseph Tuscano, MD, UC Davis
Tamer Othman, MD, UC Davis
Weiyun Ai, MD, UC San Francisco
Charalambos Andreadis, MD, UC San Francisco
Saurabh Dahiya, MD, Stanford University
David Kurtz, MD, Stanford University
Lisa Law, MD, TPMG
Lauren Maeda, MD, Stanford University
Naseem Esteghamat, MD, UC Davis
12:30 pmLunch 

Symptom Management 

Kavitha Ramchandran, MD, Stanford University
Surbhi Singhal, MD, Stanford University
John Hausdorff, MD, UC San Francisco
Pouria Kashkouli, MD, MS, UC Davis
Tamiko Katsumoto, MD, Stanford University
Sara Keck, MD, Providence Medical Group
Bernice Kwong, MD, Stanford University
Paul Lindenfeld, MD, UC San Francisco
Anjali Sibley, MD, Stanford Healthcare
Grant Smith, MD, Stanford University
3:00 pmAdjourn 

Sunday, March 12, 2023

8:00amContinental BreakfastFairway Deck & Royal Oak
8:25Welcome and Opening RemarksSilverado Ballroom
8:30Gastrointestinal Cancers Tumor Board Cases  

Alan Venook, MD, UC San Francisco
Hilary Chan, UC San Francisco
Elwyn Cabebe, MD, Stanford Healthcare
Mary Feng, MD, UC San Francisco
James Ford, MD, Stanford University
Tyler Johnson, MD, Stanford University
AJ Maker, MD, UC San Francisco
Arta Monjazeb, MD, PhD, UC Davis
Tilak Sundaresan, MD, TPMG
Zach Koontz, MD, Pacific Cancer Care

11:00Genitourinary Cancers Tumor Board Cases Terence Friedlander, MD, UC San Francisco
Vipul Kumar, UC San Francisco
Hilary Bagshaw, MD, Stanford University
Marc Dall’Era, MD, UC Davis
Andrea Harzstark, MD, The Permanente Medical Group
Mamta Parikh, MD, UC Davis
Sumit Shah, MD, Stanford University
Gurinder Sidhu, MD, Providence Medical Group
Eila Skinner, MD, Stanford University
Richard Valicenti, MD, UC Davis
Samuel Washington, MD, MAS, UC San Francisco